Membership Benefits

Your membership fee is used for advertising for downtown events and causes which promote and attract thousands of tourists to the downtown.


Own a Business Downtown?

Organizations located in the Downtown District are eligible for a regular or non-profit membership which include voting rights. This comes into play at the annual meeting in January  where board members are picked and other major planning takes place. During monthly meetings, members discuss event planning, community outreach, and improvements to the Downtown Area.

Individual organizations that join Downtown Point have the opportunity to leave a legacy in the  Downtown Stevens Point area and be a part of events that draw thousands of potential sales leads to the Downtown Area.

Don't Own a Business Downtown?

Not to worry! If your business or non-profit organization is located outside the Downtown District, you can still be a member of Downtown Point. Attend the monthly meetings and help  with event planning, community outreach, and improvements to the Downtown Area. Be a part of the conversation and planning of events that will cultivate a community.


  • Co-op advertising with other Downtown Point members
    Your organization will be listed as a sponsor at Downtown Point- sponsored events

  • Downtown Point window sticker
    Downtown Point member sticker to put in your businesses window to acknowledge your support for Downtown

  • Radio station advertising of events
    In association with Muzzy Broadcasting, have important events advertised on 96.7 WSPT.

  • Facebook Boost advertising of events
    Membership fees go toward paying for promotional  posts to be boosted on Facebook, reaching thousands of users

  • Printing and graphics work on posters and passports
    Have your organization’s logo included on posters and passports for events

  • Ability to share/post your organization’s events on the Downtown Point Facebook page with thousands of followers
    The Downtown Point Facebook page has several thousand followers, meaning sharing your post on our page lets that many more people see it!

Work Together

  • Listing on the Downtown Point website (
    Be listed under the ‘Members’ section with a short description, a link to your organization's Facebook page and website

  • Use of the Downtown membership logo
    Better identify our unity and commitment to supporting the Downtown Area

  • Greater recognition by city and county leaders
    Be part of a strong, unified voice when matters that concern the community come up

  • Networking with other business owners, sharing ideas and issues
    Build relationships with other locals, share advice and ideas, and create a culture together

  • Be a part of a cohesive, organized effort to better our Downtown and increase tourism
    Increasing tourism in Downtown benefits everyone. Economically, and culturally. Be a part of that growth.


  • Discounted rates to participate in events, as well as preference for sign-up
    e.g. members receive discounts on parade registrations and have the first opportunity to sign up in the Wine Walk

  • Have the first option at any special opportunities presented to Downtown Point
    e.g. coupon booklets for special events or sponsorship possibilities

Get involved! Buy a Membership today to have more of a voice in the heart of Stevens Point.

We are accepting memberships by mail and online. To apply for membership online, please follow this link:

To apply via mail, please download and print our Membership Form. Mail the completed form with your membership dues to: Stevens Point Alliance, PO Box 675, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

If you have any further questions about the organization or what planning goes into the events do not hesitate to email

  • Business Voting Membership $50

  • Business Non-Voting Membership $50

  • Non-Profit Voting Membership $10

  • Non-Profit Non-Voting Membership $10